Sunday, December 14, 2014

weekend rides

Two rides this weekend; I didn't get around to posting about yesterday's until now due to an important visit to The Excellent In-Laws to see the new nephew (at about 7 months old; sorry, but infants just don't do it for me - I like kids when they're a bit older and can talk about cartoons and school and stuff).

Laura OLPH was finally back from England and other responsibilities, and had a ride in the list for Saturday 12/13... and her description on her blog included the tag, "I haven't seen a hill since October.  This is gonna hurt." When she came to the start, she said she didn't have a particular route in mind, but wanted to go to Lambertville. Off we went, and when Snakehead Ed made reference to Mine Road as we were approaching, she decided to take it. I think that was the logic of that ride - find a hill and go up; we seemed to hit a lot of 'em.

Shortly before we got to Lambertville, Jack H broke a spoke, so we adjusted the route to get there quickly and went to Pure Energy, where Jack got an emergency repair (at a bit over $30; seemed high to me). He met us at Rojo's, and back we went, by what Laura decided was a reasonably direct route.

Pictures! At the start:

As we left, we dropped in at the Pennington School to see a few of the last oxen from the Hopewell Stampede:

Laura didn't stop in Mt Airy to get a picture of the cows, so I did.

Leaving Pure Energy:

Outside Rojo's, there was this NIFTY Austin Daimler. I chatted with the owner about restoration tips. (I love talking about bikes!)

Today, Snakehead Ed had a ride in the book. I didn't know if I'd be up to it after yesterday's ride, but Ed sent a plan of the route, and the only tough hill was going to be Dutchtown Zion,and that would be overwith in the first half. I was afraid nobody else would go to his ride (and it's a five-mile ride from home to the start), so I went to meet him.

Before he got there, I saw these things on Canal Rd. First, what caused this damage?

Second, is that beaver sign on a tree along the canal?

Ed and Rick W came along.

I had the route in the GPS, which was good, because Ed forgot his cue sheet. It worked until near the end, when we made an adjustment to the route, and I lost the track for about my last 10 miles; to the start at Blackwells Mills/Six Mile, then my ride to Better World Market to get some calories (I did well on Dutchtown Zion, but I bonked at the end), then home. I figure I actually did about 70 miles today. (And we saw Paul I et cie, which was encouraging!)


  1. I saw that damage on the guardrail on Canal Road and the Beaver sign on my Saturday bike ride. I think the damage was caused by the lug nuts of a truck wheel as the driver grazed the guardrail with the rotating wheel.

  2. There are definitely beavers in the canal at Lambertville, we've seen them several times.