Thursday, March 5, 2015

finishing up

Work was cancelled because of the snow, so I decided to finish up this morning. I'll eventually wrap the bars, but that dull aluminum finish on the bars is so pretty I decided I couldn't cover it up yet.

The twine wrap, just to hold the short lengths of brake cable in place, is an idea I stole from Rivendell Bikes. (That link goes to a Google Doc; the video below is too long, but oh, well... The stuff about the twine comes at about 2:42.)

I've put the saddle on, but there's not much to that: getting it leveled and measured is a pain, but it doesn't make for much of a blog post. I've put on some cheap flat pedals I had hangin' around; eventually I'll probably put on multi-use SPD's like these (truth is, The Excellent Wife [TEW] has a pair on her road bike that I'll probably replace with SPD-only when she gets a bit more confident with 'em).

Saturday, the Hill Slugs have a ride scheduled; if the roads are clear, I'll probably do that. Sunday, I'll take this bike out for a maiden voyage. I expect I'll be stopping and adjusting every few minutes; you do NOT want to come on this ride!

This bike doesn't have a name yet. I take the naming of bikes seriously; it will come. Don't force it. (And don't give me none of your Andrew Lloyd Webber sass; the poem that link goes to was a great poem long before Webber saccharined it up with that dentist's-office music.)

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