Sunday, June 21, 2015

no rain, no brain ride

I DID do a ride yesterday... but I hadn't recharged my camera, so no pics; and I'm still not right mentally (as if I ever were), so I don't remember much. You can read Laura OLPH's post about it at this link, but she didn't have her camera either.

She wrote, "Jim got his speed on, up front with Chris and Mark through Fort Dix", which was true, but I was in the back often, too; with my preoccupations, I just didn't want to be riding too close to people in case my wheel drifted as much as my mind was doing.

Route and data here. (I don't remember rain, as Laura alluded to in her post, but there was some misting, and the dirt Laura refers to was definitely there. Snakehead Ed would have eaten it up.)

This depression sucks. I just gotta keep slogging until it passes some. Thank heaven I can ride with people who know me.

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