Tuesday, May 10, 2016

bike maintenance class links and homework

The first class of the bike maintenance course I'm teaching at the New Brunswick Bike Exchange was tonight.

A few things came up: people wanted to see pictures of downtube shifter bosses like the ones holding my shifters.

Two of my tools caught their fancy: the Quik Stik:

... which is usually available at local bike shops, so I'm not linking to a source for it (go to your local shop, already!), and the Kool Stop Tire Jack:

... which is usually not available locally, although you should check. If not, you can get it at Universal Cycles, which is one of my regular sources; they carry a LOT of stuff.

And for homework: go find out who Sheldon Brown was, and why am I asking? What can you get from him?

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  1. Enjoyed your first class - I will need to bring in some of my bikes to get your help with. Ben