Sunday, June 22, 2014

d ride from blackwells mills

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to lead this one after yesterday, but after 11 hours sleep, and more intimacy with a lavatory than I care to relate (albeit sitting, not kneeling), I woke in better shape than I'd hoped. I'd gotten a communication from Sam B, who is interested in leading rides for newbies, and who'd been told by Ira S that my ride might be a good one to come along on (and thanks for the implied back-pat, Ira!).

And the day was fine, and the ride start was late (10am), so I rode out early to get a few extra miles in. If you look at the route, the scheduled part of the ride was just that piece from about mile 5 or so down to Main St, but I went up to Millstone first (there's a piece of Canal Rd with lovely new paving that my tires couldn't resist). In Millstone, I came across the cutest little Morris pickup (I didn't even know they made such things; it looked like a toy), and next to it a beautifully restored Hudson pickup. I had to get pictures.

Then back down canal, where I came upon John S, who was coming to do the ride, and who expressed some concern that riders might not have helmets, but I assured him they would (and they did). At the start, we met Marilyn, who needed her pedals changed (and don't you know John had the wrench to do it?), and The Excellent Wife (TEW), and Sam B. Marilyn had brought her mountain bike, and expressed some worry about whether she'd be able to keep up, but of course it would not be a problem on this ride.

So off we went down to the Main St Cafe.

The ride down was uneventful, except for Sam asking me a lot of thoughtful questions and me trying not to sound too dumb in my responses. I got some over-the-shoulder pictures (only one worked), and zipped up the hill at Rockingham to get some more pictures.

At the Cafe, we ran into a rider who was talking all about the many bikes he had in the past (some riders are equipment freaks); you'll see him talking to TEW below. Then back up to Blackwells Mills, this time with many interruptions by cars coming up behind. Don't they know we wanted to use that road?

Pictures - first, the two trucks in Millstone:

An over-the-shoulder picture of John S getting a picture of me getting a picture of him.

Marilyn and John S coming up to Rockingham:

Sam B and TEW coming up to Rockingham:

TEW learning all about this guy's bike history.

TEW, Marilyn, John S, and Sam B.

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  1. Little known fact: Hudson pickup is one of a very few things I'd give up my El Camino to own . . John P