Sunday, June 15, 2014

maintenance i gotta do

Friend Ken G pointed out to me that I've been overlubricating my chain, and told me how to do it better. I checked it out, and at the next chain swap, I need to:
  1. Break down and clean the rear derailleur, including the pulley wheels;
  2. Break down and clean the cogset;
  3. Clean the chainrings and cranks;
  4. Clean the chainstay.
I've also developed a click in the cranks on each pedal revolution. This usually means I need to:
  1. Remove and re-grease the cranks;
  2. Re-torque the bottom bracket (I have the bidirectional torque wrench this requires);
  3. Re-torque the cranks.
And I wouldn't be surprised if I also need to
  1. Adjust the rear derailleur cable.
And I only post this here so I remember to do it. Thanks, Ken. Gott im Himmel, but there's a lot of buildup on that rear derailleur!

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