Sunday, July 13, 2014

probably-shouldn't-have ride with ed c

On Friday, I did the slow ride with The Excellent Wife (TEW), and on Saturday, the only riding I did was back and forth the the Ciclovia with my tools. So I was feeling like I deserved a ride today.

I like long rides. I like hilly rides. I especially like long, hilly rides. Friend Ed C had one in the book for today, a more-or-less metric century with hills. Some of his friends weren't coming, so I resolved to do this ride.

But riding slower than my comfortable pace, as I did on Friday, is hard work. Being on my feet outside, wrenchin' bikes, as I did yesterday, is hard work, and then riding home into the wind is work.

I was tired before we started today. In fact, I was chatting with Peter F (the only other rider on this ride) before the start about how tired I was and how I wasn't going to be showing off today. By the time Ed came and discussed his possibilities for the route, I was within an ace of getting back in the car... but I didn't.

We did this route, improvising as we went. I remember worrying on that big hill starting about mile six... and then the rain came (in defiance of the predictions). But I swallowed my misgivings, and on we went.

My judgment was off. I completely missed the General Store in Oldwick, and we went around Hill-and-Dale Rd and added a few miles before the stop (we met a few riders there; one got my picture; you'll see below). I felt better after having eaten a bit, and we went on from there, but after about another ten miles, I was slogging again. Cheryl M had given me some maple jelly beans which were too sweet for her. I've not found the candy item too sweet for me, so I took them from her, and had brought some on this ride. They helped he up the hill at Liberty Corner. (The humidity didn't help; even with my Halo headband, the sweat was dripping into my eyes and onto the bike.)

I found a second wind when we turned onto River Road, and I realized that the next turn would be into Johnson Park and the end. I don't think I looked as tired as I felt, but I was glad when we stopped.

I'm also glad that I get to go to work tomorrow. I need a rest after this busy weekend!


The guy below doesn't look as tired as he is.

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