Friday, April 10, 2015

dratted luck

In other news, upon further investigation, I find that the front brake on the Yellow Maserati was bent in the crash. I've got a replacement on order.

The front rim was bent, of course, so I got a new one. During a bout of insomnia last night, I disassembled the bent wheel, and discovered the hub has a grind, and I can't open the hub to get to the bearings. So a new hub (and spokes, since the new hub is a different size from the old) is also on order. I had hoped to spend part of this weekend building a new wheel, but no such luck; instead, it's back to waiting for package delivery again.

New helmet, new tights, new outer jersey, new brake, new hub and rim. And I might need a new left control.

If I do, I might go with these from Gevenalle:

Gevenalle CX and Shimano STI comparison. from Gevenalle on Vimeo.

I like the fact that you can shift multiple gears at a time in either direction... and I like the bike-y weirdness of it. Plus, the whole group is under $325.

But I still can't do pushups yet, and I needed help getting the bikes onto the stands at the class I'm teaching at the New Brunswick Bike Exchange. I'm feeling old and weak. (We had to turn away two at the class last night; it was oversubscribed. If the current crop of students likes it, I'll do it again; I'll let youse know.)

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