Monday, April 20, 2015

new brunswick ciclovia april 2015

Yesterday was the first of three 2015 Ciclovia days in New Brunswick, at which the cisty closes a route of several streest to cars, so that they can be used for bikes, skating, and who knows what. As for the past several, I went with tools to assist at a bike maintenance and repair station for the New Brunswick Bike Exchange, a project of PRAB. PRAB supports us partly by allowing us to use their van to transport stuff to the site (at the Ciclovia, the streets are closed, and I'd never get those stands and pumps in on my bike!).

PRAB also set up a site at the Ciclovia, and PRAB staffer Cuqui runs an all-day party, with music, toy giveaways, and who knows what else; they were on the other side of the van (with the speakers pointing away; still, sometimes conversation was difficult!).

WE probably attended to well over 100 bikes over the course of the day. Many, of course, just need tires inflated, but some need tubes changed; many needed simple adjustments, but I was able to fix several broken or missing brakes, and even was able to cut and re-route a brake cable on one youngster's BMX. They're mostly "toy-store bikes", with components that don't match well (and some of them have never been adjusted), and my contention is that if I can get those things to go, working on higher-end bikes, where the standards all match, is a piece of cake.

I rode in from home. Below is the new Krakow Monster, loaded up with a tool box and a blue bag I wear on my back (those are my morning bagels in the brown bag):

Below, Cuqui, settin' up to rock the neighborhood.

Wen Shu, below, was a volunteer from Rutgers. He was marvelously helpful; I'm still recovering from my crash, and he was great about helping to get bikes on the stands, bending to fill tires, and stuff. It wasn't glamorous work, and he did it in good humor.

Fellow volunteers Dan Brooks, left, and Thomas Hillman, rear, with Wen Shu. I haven't seen these guys in a while.


The young women in the green vests were high-school students who were also volunteers. They were great, especially with the little kids.

Below, Annie, in the pink sweatshirt, came along with Thomas. I didn't get to talk to her much.

It's a tiring day, but I love to do it. The folks are always so grateful (except when they're not!), and I get to play with bikes for a day. I'm starting to get good at it, too; I may have to go pro!

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