Monday, October 26, 2015

narcissus and echo

While I don't think cell phones, texting, and twitter are going to be the death of civil discourse (such gloomy predictions have been made before, at least since the age of movable-type printing*), I do think this take on the Narcissus/Echo story is great:

From today's Oddman. There's another one there about traditional and simplified English that's too good to be true, so I won't post it, but it made me smile.

*FWIW, while I do think we have lost a former greatness that was a result of a no-longer-shared Western canon of culture, I do not think this means that we will devolve into grunting and pointing as our primary means of communication. First, that great culture was not shared by most of the people in it, including women, the poor, and the uneducated (and it was not even available to the rest of the world). Secondly, I have faith in humanity. Art will arise. Given time, art will always arise.

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  1. Yeh it's weird what's happening to us. Sadly even Blog readership has plummeted. The social media sources you refer to seem to have very similar addictive allure to poker machines. End result is we do appear to be becoming a completely narcissistic society. At least there are spaces like this where, although we are still connected to the electronic maelstrom at least there is space to exchange ideas and have a conversation. ;)