Sunday, December 20, 2015

50-plus miles and some thoughts

Do you read Red Kite Prayer? One of their weekly features is called "Friday Group Ride", in which one of the regular contributors waxes thoughtful about something at least vaguely bike-related, and then asks a question for readers to respond to in the comments.

This post is kind of like that. Yesterday was a bit of a lost day: I got a couple of new tires put on the car and went from there to CostCo, and then came home and did mostly stupid internet. We went to see the new Macbeth movie, but the quick-cut-handheld-camera technique (that seems so popular now) nauseates The Excellent Wife (TEW), so we came home after about fifteen minutes... an I spent the rest of the day eating junk and doing stupid internet (Imgur, mostly, if you must know).

There was no ride today with my club that I really wanted to do... so I was glad to get an email from Snakehead about doing a ride. I had heard from Winter Larry in Friday and invited him, but I don't think he's gotten into the habit of checking his email on weekends (despite is new smartphone).

This ride really was just the ticket to blow out the doldrums from yesterday. It was demanding enough that I had to push a bit, but not so much that I felt overwhelmed. And I got the usual head-clearing-out that I can count on from a long-enough, decent ride. (We avoided the real busy roads - having a plethora of traffic coming up behind can ruin the soul-pacifying that a good ride can elicit.)

Not many pictures: here's Ed digging out some cough syrup at a stop:

It was a nice clear day.

We stopped at the Brick Market in Hopewell; here's Snakehead's LB013 and the Krakow Monster out front.

Inside the market.

What makes a good ride? What takes some of the quality away? What does a ride do for you, and how do you know when you really need one? Or am I being stupid, and nobody really needs one;riding is something we do for fun, but we should just shoulder our goldurn responsibilities and shut up wit the complaints, already?

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  1. Its hard to describe what makes a good ride but as a supreme court justice said "I know it when I see it"

    Riding is happiness. The more I ride the happier I am.