Saturday, December 5, 2015

early december ride to califon.

On one hand, it was not my best day; I'm a little crazier today than most days. On the other hand, with this ride, I've hit my goal of riding in every calendar month in 2015 (some years I haven't hit it, when there's been a run of bad weather through the winter).

Eight of us did this route from Hillsborough to Califon: Laura and I (of course; it was her ride, and I wouldn't be posting if I hadn't gone), Chris C, Jack H, Winter Larry, Snakehead Ed, Peter, and sometime-Hill Slug Robert. Few pics: I forgot to take many - I was too busy battling my inner demons.

I have no idea where these were taken.

Below, at the Califon General Store. I wish all our stops were like this place.

Chris was wearing two layers of tights today. Don't you wish you could see the other ones, too?

I'll tell you what, though: the craziness would have been a lot worse WITHOUT the ride.

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