Sunday, July 10, 2016

joe rides to the sea

Laura OLPH (who's already got her post up) likes to make long rides into centuries. I don't; a 60-to-70-mile-ride is just what I want to do most of the time, so when Joe M dropped a hint last weekend that he was gonna do his ride to Belmar today, I opened up the time and kept an eye on the weather. The time and the weather looked good, so off I went this morning to Etra for the start.

I got there at about 7:45 for the 8:30 start, and the gates were locked, so I went around the corner to make sure that an adjustment to my front derailleur was holding (and let this remind me that I need to do a post about Chris Cook and making sure you're in the right universe). It was, and by the time I got back, the gates were open, and riders for three rides (Mary F's, Gary W's, and Joe's) were all assembling in the lot.

It's been a while since I've seen Ira.

Of the folks who came, nine of us headed for Belmar. Joe's route is largely downhill and tailwind on the way in. One of the riders had a chain drop, early on, and shorty thereafter, the front derailleur hanger gave up the ghost, but she had a triple, so we popped the chain on the middle ring, and she did most of the ride like that. Below, the careful eye will note the missing front derailleur.

Some folks go to Belmar to see the water, but I like to see all the people showing off for each other.

But that gets weird after a while (everybody's so much younger than I), so I went back to hanging around with the bikers.

The ride back is uphill (well, DUH. Belmar's at sea level, right?) and into the wind. We started getting spread out, and the last of us hobble into the second stop, about fifteen miles from Etra.

We took turns shepherding the folks on the back, and made it back to Etra, more-or-less together but not really. Thanks, Joe, for the invite and the lead.

Oh, yeah, two more things: Ride page, and bike pics.

Above, Jen's got a new-generation Selle Anatomica saddle. I might need to rethink my disdain.

We don't need no stinking front derailleur!

Above: White Specialized logo on white bike. Immensely cool.

That Lezyne pump on Joe's bike is nearly jewelry. My other bike, the Krakow Monster, might need one.

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