Sunday, July 3, 2016

on-call weekend

'S just not fair that my lot falls to have the weekend on-call for both Memorial Day weekend AND Fourth of July weekend, so my boss has arranged to take over on-call tonight. Still, on-call means I'm expected to check the computer for new cases several times a day, and I can't be away from a computer for more than about a half-hour at a time.

So no long rides, or other big plans to be away from home for the weekend. I got this ride in yesterday without incident.

I knew I was going to be stuck at home, so I got the parts to build a new wheel to replace the one that's been creaking. As I said in the linked post, my hypothesis is that the rim causes the creak, so I decided to try this rim, that's a little beefier and (with the "semi aero" shape) should be a bit stiffer. (Link goes to Brandon Hunziker's Bike Hub Store; he's been real helpful, and has good stuff for not too much $$.)

I built the wheel up between July 1 & 2, and it went together much more easily than the wheels with the other rim; that may be because I'm getting to be a better wheelbuilder, but I suspect it's because the stiffer rim resisted a certain amount of falling-out-of-true. In any case, I popped it on the Yellow Maserati today, and it rides nice. No creaks... but it's early days yet; it takes time for them to appear.

The ride I did today was this one. As I mentioned, I keep the ride to about an hour so that I'm no more than a half-hour from home at any point in the ride if the phone should go off. Wouldn't you know it did, just about at the furthest point; I had just made the turn in Colonial Park when I heard the dratted Apple ringtone. One of the programs had a client who was to be stepped down today, and they wanted authorization. I got to speak with the staffer, and I was impressed; he had his t's crossed and his i's dotted, and all the right checkboxes were filled. I gave him the verbal on the phone, and said I'd have the formal auth in the computer in about an hour... and beat that poor horse to get home in time to do it!

I made it in time, and got the computer stuff done; I've done a little maintenance on the bike, cleaned up the garage a bit (as much as Jacob would let me), and now I'm waiting for The Excellent Wife (TEW) to get back from HER ride so I can do a laundry.

I feel like this block-of-text post needs a picture, so here's the top pic that came up when I searched for "dumb bike pic" today:

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