Wednesday, August 3, 2016

catchin' up with the old guys

The Excellent Wife (TEW) and I were having a new air conditioner put in today. There wasn't any point in both of us hanging around all day, but she didn't want to be trapped in the house babysitting the plumbers all day either, so she sat on my chest until I reluctantly agreed to take a day off. I improved upon the morning time by ducking out for a ride with Team Social Security, whom I affectionately refer to as "the Old Guys". They ride together three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I hope to be one of 'em, if we live long enough.

Instead of Dennis or Al leading, today Dan Z led (he's one of the group's octogenarians; another, Spence, told me he hopes to do an 82-mile ride later in the month for his 82nd birthday). It was partly one of their usual routes, but part led over a new bike trail, which, I'm told, is part of a multi-thousand-mile, all-the-way-up-the-coast trail. If you go to the ride page, it's the terra incognita between about mile 22.5 and 24.5. You can enter from that park in Columbus where Tom H starts some of his rides.

At the start:

On the road:

(I called this post "Catchin' Up With The Old Guys" partly because I kept hanging out in the back with the stragglers, then sprinting up to the front group to see where the turns were. Above, you can see the gap between the groups.)

Below, that path I referred to. Granted, it's new, but the surface is yummy.

Bike pics!

Finally, below, some pics of the Krakow Monster, the heavy (32-lb) but versatile bike I referred to in my last post. I needed some shots of it for something else, and I can link 'em there if I post 'em here.

Al L told me we need to get Chris Froome a bike like that to slow him down. But it's just the bike for these Old Guy rides.

After I got home, TEW made me wait with the AC install guys while she escaped to a Mets game (a pursuit in which I have no interest). The AC is in, and it works.

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