Sunday, August 28, 2016

with the best of intentions

It was with the best of intentions that I posted, on both the Princeton Freewheeler Facebook page and the Kim's Bike Shop Group Rides Facebook page, my intention to lead a 37-miler at a 15mph-or-so-pace this morning. When I do that ride alone, I usually go faster than that, and I was hoping to have some sensible company to impose some moderation on my self-destructive overexertions.

But the only folks there at go time were Ryan...

... and Senor Francisco...

... both of them fast boys from the Kim's ride. I led off with a disclaimer about how I wasn't up to their speeds (and I'm not), but they both insisted they just wanted to enjoy the ride today, and continued to do so at several points along the ride.

We started out along my Sunday recovery route. I don't think Francisco had been down that way; he remarked a few times on how pretty it was. And as we approached 601, we got to talking about the Jersey Devil race; I think I saw them coming down Dutchtown-Zion earlier in the month. Ryan asked about the Sourlands... but am I the guy to ask about that? Plain Jim, who can get lost in a bathroom?

The guys were also impressed with Princeton. We come down from Hopewell and turn onto Cleveland and Pretty Brook, then up Hodge and Hamilton. As we came down Herrontown, the guys said they had to get to work, so instead of going back up to the canal, we went straight up 27 (and I saw them put the speed on when I turned off to go home).

With all that, we turned in a pretty good pace. Not as fast as I've done it in the past... but I had a hilly ride yesterday, and I hadn't had anything to eat yet. I've remedied that last since.

I really did intend to bring it in at a slower pace. Maybe you need to come along to save me from my worst instincts. (In all seriousness, my thanks to Ryan and Francisco for their coming along. I can do this ride alone, but it's better with company.)

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