Sunday, March 26, 2017

better than yesterday

Today's ride was better than yesterday's. Even though I was no faster, and it was a flatter route, I feel a LOT better than I did.

This was Winter Larry's regular Sunday ride. Six came out; I didn't get a good picture of Andrew A, but I got pictures of Marco, Peter F, Larry, and Ralph, and the Obligatory Bikes Pic at the stop.

I'm not going to blather much about the ride; it was colder than I expected, but not to the point of misery; there was the usual banter on the ride and at the stop; it was good to ride again with Larry and others whom I see less frequently than I would like. The key thing for me is that I felt stronger than I did yesterday (or have generally felt recently); a good part of the low average was NOT riding ahead, and making sure we got back as a group.

Maybe I'll be able to make a go of this biking thing.

Welp, I'm still on-call; gotta go and see if there's more work to do.

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