Sunday, March 5, 2017

on a wintry weekend

Colder than I would have expected was Saturday March 4, so when The Excellent Wife (TEW) started hinting at a need for a date, I agreed without much reluctance to go with her to the American Watercolor show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and sent a text to Laura OLPH with my regrets that I would not be risking frostbite on the Lawrence-Hopewell trail ride that she'd scheduled.

The show is great... and HUGE; it goes on for room after room. Winslow Homer...

...Thomas Eakins...

... John Singer Sargent (BLUE ALLIGATORS, of all things!)...

...Georgia O'Keefe.

Neither of us had the calories available to make our usual stop at the Reading Terminal Market (TEW said something about getting something light there, but I've seen no evidence that anybody does anything "light" at the Reading Terminal Market), so we stopped at the Whole Foods in Princeton for a quick feed on the way home.

It wasn't going to be much warmer today, so I didn't even try to get to Cranbury for Winter Larry's ride (he advertises no rides below 34ºF). I did this short one about noon on the Krakow Monster, just to try to keep my inner Jabba the Hutt from emerging (it seems to be a losing battle). I was about to refer to today's ride as "a quick one", but there weren't nothin' quick about it. (I have been complaining about the look of the Monster. I took off the fenders and the rack, and I like it better now. I think I had made it into too much of a minivan.)

Back at home, I helped TEW hang portraits of the ancestors (we now have an ancestors gallery in the front room; ain't we posh and all?) and plan an upcoming trip to England. I've promised pics of the trip to coworkers, but I'm not eager to let them know about this blog. I'll have to set up an online gallery for them. I'll have details for all of youse-all when we come back.

One other thing: we made a donation to the local fire company. After a local scandal a year and a half ago, they ceased their fundraising for a while, but they've started up again. For reasons that should be obvious (if you look at the linked article), they need the money. Count us in.

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