Saturday, April 15, 2017

back to cranbury

My bike club has rides out of Cranbury most Saturdays; they're flat and dependable, and usually get a large number of riders (these days, there are rides at different paces: for me they're too slow, too fast, and just right). I don't go because the Cranbury rides are flat and shorter than I generally like, and I've developed close friendships with folks that ride in the hills... but the hilly riders are going out tomorrow, on Easter. I have family commitments on Easter, including to my mother-in-law who treats me like the apple of her eye (nobody in my family of origin seems quite that delighted with me!), so if I wanted to get a group ride in, it wasn't going to be with them.

I did want to get a group ride in; I feel the crazy coming on, and isolation (even on a bike, sometimes) makes it gallop. So I went to Cranbury, and saw a number of people I haven't seen for a while, many of whom acted as glad to see me as I was glad to see them.

Jeff H, above, led the ride I went on.

And I just like the pre-ride vibe.

Jeff led us on this route. I wasn't expecting anything unusual... but on Dey Grove Road:

It coulda been one of Laura OLPH's rides, or Tom H's.

Mostly, though, i was just good to get out and ride, and to see some people I haven't seen for a while (and to meet some new ones). Andrew and I complained about the Christian demands family put on us atheists; I chatted with Jud and with Donna, with Dave H, with Jeff the leader. We stopped at Phil's.

I'm glad I went. I probably should go more often, but there are only so many rides in a season... Still, it was a good day.

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