Tuesday, September 3, 2019

ride for Sep 8

I'll have driven back from Buffalo the day before, so I'm not sure what kind of shape I'll be in... but a reconnoiter on the day I post this indicates that the construction conflicts I had feared might conflict with my routes are either easily circumnavigated or are out of the way. So how about 35 miles over some of my usual roads with a stop at Thomas Sweet in Montgomery? It will be more-or-less this route, although I may make some changes.

As my last ride was back to my "B minus" pace, I expect this one will be also. If youse wanna shoot off the front, a bei gezint, or however you transliterate the Yiddish. We'll let you go.

9am start from the parking lot at 6 Mile/Blackwells Mills. This is a Princeton Freewheelers Club ride; you're entitled to one free, but then it's expected you'll join. Sunday, Sep 8, in case it's not clear from the post title.

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