Friday, March 28, 2014

cable lift gets you up the hills

Not to be outdone by Dave H's link, Laura OLPH sent me a link to a page about this "ski lift for cyclists: in Trondheim, Norway:

Hrmph. Here's a photo:

They call it the Trampe CycloCable. I'm going to resist the almost-inevitable "tramp" puns, and just point out that if a Freewheeler needs this thingummy to get up a grade of 10-18°, that's only about 400' long... then you need to set up your trainer, put on a good, long movie, and meditate for a few hours on Rule Five.

That's the one that says, "Harden the Firetruck Up." In the original, the word "Firetruck" is replaced by a word that follows the same rules of initial and terminal orthography.


  1. WOW- 18 degrees is like 35 %!!


  2. That hill looks perfectly rideable. I think he said "degrees" when he meant "percent".