Sunday, March 23, 2014

late winter slug ride to clinton

I don't give a hang what the calendar says; today's weather was no better than late winter (despite temps in the mid-40's, it was damp and windy today). Because of the threat of rain yesterday, The Excellent Wife (TEW) and I went to the Norman Rockwell show at the Newark Museum yesterday (through the end of May; all the Saturday Evening Post covers and about 50 paintings). I wanted to get out on a ride today, and Laura OLPH had switched her usual Saturday for a Sunday today.

Her blog post for this ride said something about 55 miles from Lambertville to Clinton and back, and I had indicated I'd be up for a tough ride today because I wasn't riding yesterday. Laura did nto disappoint, although I don't think even she counted on the headwind most of the way up, or how cold it would feel.

We did this route, mostly "county roads -- 500's and 600's". It was a hilly ride, although the hills about which Laura warned us were not the worst, and the ones that surprised us were demanding. Six of us came out: besides Laura and me, there were Snakehead Ed, Ron S, Barry, and Marco, riding a new carbon Masi with a compact in front and mountain bike gearing in the back. He was able to test its abilities on this ride.

Although cold, it was a beautiful day, and when we got to Clinton, I took a number of pictures of the river and the mill, most of which didn't work as well as I'd hoped. We had a comparatively short stop for coffee, and came back. The wind on the way out slowed us down a lot (we might not have averaged 12 mph in the first half), but we made up for it with the later tailwind.


I like that one above. Below, in Clinton:

I like that one above, too. Below, back on the road.

Shortly before the end, on Alexsauken Creek Road, we came across this gal riding an old mountain bike, with tweeds and a scarf, and grinning a great grin, having a great time. I had to get her picture.


  1. Here's a route to Clinton from Lambertville that includes a loop of Round Valley Reservoir:

    And one that goes the other way round the reservoir and over Stanton Mountain:

    1. Thanks, Paul. If I'm ever to do those, I need the routes; my navigational skills are poor to the point of being legendary.

  2. Ahh, that climb out of Pittstown is one of my faves - kudos to Laura for a great route! JP