Sunday, March 30, 2014

it will be sunny one day

No, this is not about the weather this weekend.

I make no secret of the fact that I have an anxiety disorder. As I was stumbling around the internet this morning (over coffee, before The Excellent Wife [TEW] was up), I came across this letter from Stephen Fry to a woman who had written him about her depression. It includes this:

Here are some obvious things about the weather:

It's real.
You can't change it by wishing it away.
If it's dark and rainy it really is dark and rainy and you can't alter it.
It might be dark and rainy for two weeks in a row.


It will be sunny one day.
It isn't under one's control as to when the sun comes out, but come out it will.
One day.

It really is the same with one's moods, I think.
The letter goes on; it's worth the reading, I think. If you don't have a mood disorder, it's probably not only completely unnecessary, but possibly completely incomprehensible why someone would have to put such obvious stuff into a letter. But for me, even though I'm not going through a bout of anxiety now, it's important to remember that I didn't cause it, I have no control over it, and, most important, it does pass.

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