Sunday, September 13, 2015

almost balked solo ride

So maybe it's gonna rain later, and I want a date this afternoon with The Excellent Wife (TEW), so I went out on a solo ride rather than one with the Freewheelers. I opted for about 35 miles, and to go up Dutchtown-Zion. I started out at a reasonable, but not fast, pace... but when I turned onto Dutchtown-Zion from 601, it was all I could do to talk myself into keeping going to get over the hill. I came that close to turning back, and it wasn't until I was over halfway up the hill that I decided to keep going and complete it.

(And with all that... it's still a minor complaint. I'm so glad I'm going back to work tomorrow!)
Here's the ride page. I didn't decide until after Dutchtown-Zion that I was going to keep the speed up, and it shows; slower average than yesterday (it doesn't help that I ride the brakes coming down Pinoak after the hill - I don't know the road or the surface, and there is the beginning of a collection of autumn leaves to cover up surface imperfections and to slide on).

On the way back up Canal Road, I came up on a stranger riding; he had his mirror on and saw me coming, and we were pretty well matched; I barely caught up and let him pull me for a while; then I pulled him for a few. Then home.

TEW also dd a solo ride today, and met Francisco and Juan Carlos from the Kim's group (in full Kim's kit; lookin' good, I have no doubt!), and got waved at by the Major Taylors as they whipped past.

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