Wednesday, September 9, 2015

probably the last ride with the old guys

Back in the 90's, men's groups were in vogue; I was in one. They were discussion and support groups, and that format has come and gone. But there have probably always been men's groups - you just don't recognize them, because they look like Tuesday Night Poker, or Church Clothes and Furniture For the Poor, or the local Habitat project, or "we always go out to all the (insert team name here) games together".

While I've been unemployed, I've been riding with the Old Guys, who get together three weekdays to do a C+ ride (that really has everything from C to B+ riders on it). Whether they admit it or not, they are a men's group; they look out for each other, and discuss what's going on and what's important in each others' lives.

Since I've been unemployed, I've been going out with 'em. Today was probably the last time I'll go; I got the letter to start work on Monday, and Friday I may have another commitment. They've been a great help to me - more than they know.

Today's ride was slightly longer than most, but unremarkable otherwise. I had decided to add miles, so I rode from Etra to the start at Byron Johnson Park in Allentown.

I was glad to see Dennis W out, although he had to stop early and go back. Joe led us on this route (of course, that includes my extra miles). We stopped at Roy's.

On the way back, Joe led us along 526, Bordentown-Allentown Road. The offices of the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), along with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio are in a corporate park on the east side of that stretch between West Manor Way and downtown Allentown; also in that corporate park is the main office of the company that fired me. I hereby declare it a Seeming Verb Thousand-Day Indulgence to flip the bird at that office if you are riding past. The efficacy of the indulgence is doubled if you repeat the Latin incantation "pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo," (it's from Catullus 16; you could look it up).

After the ride, I expressed my gratitude to Joe, but I'd like to thank all the guys I rode with, and who provided just the right mix of support and abuse that made these rides one of the best parts of this difficult time.

The question came up about where I got the jersey I wore today. I got it from ScudoPro. That link goes to the online store for jerseys. Some to them are wretched, but some are really attractive, and they're only $40. Go through the themes on the right of the linked page, and don't let the barfy-too-cute graphics thow you; the good ones are in there.


  1. Hey....don't forget there are women on the ride too. It should be a men's and women's group!

  2. Naah. All the women are simply "one of the guys:"

  3. I don't mean to exclude the women, or minimize their importance. But the support I got from these guys was so much like the men's group I was in that any other description is inaccurate. And while there were women along on all of the Old Guy rides I did, I don't think I said more than twenty words to all of them in total.

    1. Less than 20? That's your loss, Jim. I found they add significantly to the experience and behavior on the ride - not to mention more than one astute observation and things to care and think about. Maybe that's just me but I think not. Good luck on the job. JayPee

    2. True, my loss... but since I was fired, I've had a hard time keeping my head out of my gluteus maximus.