Sunday, November 15, 2015

short post about a long ride

After a flurry of emails, Snakehead, his friend John, and I did a ride from Piscataway...

... to Cocoluxe.

And then we went back to Piscataway. It was a beautiful day, and we passed some autumnal gorgeousness, for which I didn't stop to get pictures.

The Garmin stopped when we were less than ten miles from home, so the first forty-something miles are at this link, and the last not-quite-ten are at this one, and there seems to be about a mile I missed.

We changed up the route just before the Garmin cut out, and had to do a little exploration when the roads didn't correspond with Snakehead's memory, but that didn't matter. And I didn't like the late (10:30) start, but I have to admit the ride was much warmer than it would have been had we started earlier.

I got to talking to John about the Garmin Touring. John, this post, and the pages linked from it, include the info we discussed about changing the default settings on the Touring.

And, of course, since we went to Cocoluxe, and since Ed had a pannier, I got four dark-chocolate truffles for The Excellent Wife (TEW). Life is good in the Plain Jim household tonight.

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