Wednesday, February 17, 2016

tour de franklin: volunteer wrench

For the past few years, I've led a team on the Tour de Franklin. I won't be leading a team this year; instead, I'll be manning a maintenance and repair station there in support of the New Brunswick Bike Exchange.

I know for some of you this ride is a chore, but I hope some of you will come out anyway. It's for a good cause (the Franklin Twp Food Bank), and, even if you don't want me wrenchin' on your road bikes, if you've got a Wal*Mart toy bike that isn't runnin' right, I can usually whip those into shape, too.

And if you think it's hard working on a high-end bike, where all the parts are already supposed to work together, you should try adjusting those mis-matched agglomerations that the toy stores sell. Now THOSE are a CHALLENGE!

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