Sunday, April 10, 2016

cold day in april

How is it that we get freezing temperatures and a threat of snow in Central Jersey on April 9?

Well, it was enough that Tom H moved his ride from yesterday to today. And since he gave it a later start, it wasn't even so early that I got to the Muschal school in Bordentown. Shortly thereafter, Jack, Tom H, and Laura appeared.

So we were four.

(Bike pics at the start: mine...

...Tom's. I like titanium frames.)

Tom had either a 40-something or a 50-something route in mind; we'd have to decide at about the 20-mile mark. It was a gorgeous day, clear, and despite the headwinds in every direction, we opted for the longer route.

There wasn't much conversation, but I do remember Jack, who said he's about my age, asking what age category I put myself in. "Old", I said. He wasn't happy with that.

(The Wawa we stopped at doesn't have toilets, so we found a porta-potty at a park before we stopped there.)

After the stop, Tom wanted to take us up a stretch of Birmingham Road that he likes, but road crews had other plans at Rancocas Creek.

But Tom checked a map, and found a nearby bike path that would get us close to the route. It was worth a try... and it turned out to be packed enough for us to ride.

The path comes out at the old train station in Pemberton, right next to the big Wawa that Team Social Security stops at frequently.

And from there, we went up to Arney's Mount. I can't decide which of these pictures I like better.

53 miles (almost), 16 mph. Almost 1300 feet of climb (no mean feat in Burlington County!)

So what did youse-all do today?

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