Sunday, April 17, 2016

hot date, and making up the hundred

The Excellent Wife (TEW) and I decided that for her first group ride of the season, I'd tag along to make it a hot date. Max F does a "low C" ride out of Cranbury on Sundays and that seemed just the ticket, so I packed up the Krakow Monster and her road bike, and we showed up at Village Park this morning. We met a few others, including a newbie on her first group ride.

We potted along for an easy 17 miles. At one point, on Plainsboro Road, we got passed by the "Back by Lunch" B ride that I sometimes go on; I was greeted by several of their number.

We turned up Petty, and went around by Culver...

... and had our stop at the bagel place on Georges Road in (I think) Dayton.

We came back along a similar route, some of the same roads; you can see here. About 17 miles. This was a good idea; TEW and I need to do more bike dates.

Although she was tired, I felt like I needed to get more miles in, so when we got home I put up the Monster and pumped up the tires on the Yellow Maserati, and hit the road. I stopped in at the Wawa for an apple fritter (early in the ride; I hoped I'd burn it off), and then to the cash machine (why not? I was passing the bank, and I was gonna havta go anyway), and then to Kim's to pick up some new cleats. I hadn't seen the Kim's crew for a while so I chatted for a bit.

When I got back on the bike, I kind of bobbled over towards Colonial Park... and realized that if I brought this ride in at 26 miles, I'd have 100 for the weekend (but I didn't want to ride a lot more than that; I was tired). So the route page shows some of the permutations I made, including riding around the parking lot of the rental apartments down the street, to make it up: 26.6, at 16.3 average. Not bad; much of it was in-town riding and on the second day of a weekend.

I've been eating everything in the house, when I can stay awake. How're youse-all doin'?

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