Monday, September 19, 2016

mcbride ride

After missing out on the Hill Slug ride on Saturday (well, mostly), I was most eager to do the McBride Ride the next day. I was beat, thought, and almost didn't get to Sawmill Road for the early start. But I did.

(Yeah, I know, too many pictures... but one of the things I like about this ride is that there are a non-trivial number of people who come out whom I don't know, and who are not regular riders, and they're out to have a good time anyway.)

Below, the team:

Dave H, Chris C, Marco, and Laura led me around the course. There was a larger (and slower) group of Freewheelers ahead of us, too.

Chris got a picture of me getting a picture of him. Oh, the self-reference! Oh, the irony!

After we passed the other Freewheeler group, Ken got ambitious and decided to catch up to us; he stuck with us the rest of the way.

At the stop:

I am not hip enough to have a beard like the guy in the picture above.

A team of four came rolling in with the jerseys in the pic above. It was too good to miss.

At the finish:

The fellow in the center, above, reaching across the table, was this year's recipient of the McBride scholarship.

Ride page. We don't do this one for speed, but for fellowship. That's good enough for me.

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  1. I am glad that you post a lot of photos of everyone. For people like me in Florida it's great to see familiar faces....even if they are only in photos!