Saturday, September 17, 2016

veho interruptus, tire boots, and making the best of the day

Well, my intention was to do Laura OLPH's Hill slug ride today. I got up early to get to her house for some extra miles, and we left to head for the Pennington group start. On the way, we picked up Peter G:

...and we met some of the usual suspects, some probably-soon-to-be-regular Hill Slugs (right, Rick?), and some less-familiar faces at Pennington.

...and off we went.

We hadn't gotten mile when I heard the hissing and regular thump that I thought meant I had a leaf caught in the wheel... but no; I'd run over something that cut a 12mm (1/2") gash in the tire, and I had a righteous flat. It needed a boot. I stuck a folded ATM receipt in the tire, pumped up a new tube, and proceeded.

We got about two miles further on when the same thing happened again. This time, I booted the tire with a dollar bill, and left the rest of the group to continue Laura's ride; I went more-or-less gingerly back to the car on my last tube and CO2. I made it to the car (over a different route than we usually take; you can see my ride page here), and drove home in a miasma of sulks and feeling-sorry-for-myself about missing this ride.

At home, I changed the tire. Here's the inside and outside of the tire showing the gash:

The ATM receipt that I used for the first boot. You can see four holes have been worn through the paper where the tube worked through the gash in the tire again:

The dollar bill. Although the tube did not work through, the friction at the fold basically wore a gash in the bill.

Park Tool sells tire boots... but they also sell some self-stick tube patches that are next door to useless for actually keeping air in the tube, but would have been just the thing for this temporary repair, I think.

So when I got over my grumpiness a bit, I noted that the weather had not appreciably deteriorated (au contraire, in fact), so I went out and got in a few more miles over one of my usual routes. While on that ride, I met The Excellent Wife (TEW) on HER ride; we talked about chores for the rest of the day, and she made the suggestion of a late lunch date (I do not lightly call her "excellent"). So here I am, fed, watch fixed, drowsing off listening to the laundry, and about to spend a few bucks at Jenson USA, a vendor with inexpensive tubes (I buy 'em ten at a time) and free shipping for orders over $50. $50? That's a challenge to which I think I can rise.

And that part of the title you don't understand is Latin. It will do for "interrupted ride" until somebody comes up with something better.

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  1. Duct tape. Ask Tom Mau or Dave Tampellini how Murphy's duct tape saved them from the pain of substantial (one inch plus) tire sidewall gashes to ride many tens of miles at full pressure trouble free against all opinions of the peanut gallery.