Sunday, October 2, 2016

ciclovia october 2016

Today was the New Brunswick Ciclovia, where the city closes a few miles of streets to car traffic, and people walk, bike, scooter, and skateboard; I even saw one of those hoverboard things, and there was a security guy on a Segway. The New Brunswick Bike Exchange hosts a bike-maintenance station, and I went to help for a while. All kinds of folks come out, especially kids, and kids and families, and I'm just a sucker for it.

This post is mostly pictures, and a little explanation, and I may break it up into two posts. If I do, come back for the other one; there's a little girl with the most excellent bike outfit - you wouldn't want to miss it.


Above, Ben T, my partner for the day. I should EVER have his enthusiasm!

Above, Ben and his wife Rosa. Neither one of them should forgive me for that picture, especially after treating me as well as they did today; Rosa kept me supplied with coffee and food. Below, the start of the stand.

Below, our first customers. Most of what we do is pump up tires, and lube chains, with the occasional tube-change.

Aren't they cute ?

One of the Freewheelers likes to tweak my nose about the supposed high crime in this neighborhood. These are dangerous-lookin' folks, aren't they?

There was a farm stand with a petting zoo for the kids...

... and some of the kids were older than others.

Below, Cuqui, from the parent organization of the Bike Exchange, PRAB.

Ben, earnin' his keep...

OK. More in the next post.

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