Saturday, October 22, 2016

wheel building book - new edition

Years ago, I got a bootleg copy of Roger Musson's wheelbuilding book, and it was good enough that I bought one for myself (the book is a .pdf download; you can print the parts you need, but I never have). I had read both Gerd Schraner's and Jobst Brandt's books on wheels; they were full of theory, but I couldn't get my brains around how to build a wheel from them, and online guides weren't helpful to me, either (my learning style is such that I learn better from books and practice than from online sources; your mileage may vary [as everyone's does, of course]).

There's a new edition out that I downloaded this morning and have been skimming. It's still good, and there are enough changes that the new edition number makes sense. (See, if you buy the book, you get new editions free. If you don't like it, he will refund your money for up to 60 days.)

Earlier editions were hard to read for me (Musson treats commas as if they cost $2 each), but this one is written a bit better. It includes information on how to make some of the tools you'll need, why some things that sound like good ideas really aren't, and why some of the latest-and-greatest products and techniques don't make sense for most of us recreational cyclists.

About $12 US (Musson's a limey). Worked for me.

(No, you can't borrow mine. It's $12. Buy cheaper coffee for a week and support this guy, all right?)

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