Saturday, November 12, 2016

cranksgiving 2016

When I'm as down as I am over being Trumped, ways to lift my sagging spirits are to engage in doing something for someone else, and to hang around with friends. I got an opportunity to do both today at the Princeton Cranksgiving ride.

It's the brainchild of Anna D, shown center below:

There's been one in NYC for years, but a few years ago she missed the ride, and decided to start one locally. Here's how it works: she's set 10-mile and 20-mile routes that go around to two markets and a local business. At the two markets, riders buy $10 worth of food; at the other business, we "buy" a pack of socks for $5. All the food, financial proceeds, and socks go to the Trenton Are Soup Kitchen. For $15, you get to do the ride and make a donation to a local cause. For $25 (if you buy a few extra groceries), you get to feel like a hero.

Yeah, the ride's too short, but Laura OLPH and I added a few miles by riding in. We were early, and saw a few of the other folks who were doing the ride.

Wait -- more Freewheelers! Richard Jerry and Newell!

Dave C and Joe, whom we'd planned to meet, arrived.

(Too much yellow!)

Off we went to the McCaffreys, where there was a team to watch the bikes and to accept donations. They also agreed to take the groceries, so we didn't have to carry them. My pannier didn't even slow me down.

It didn't hurt that it was a glorious, bright day.

The crew at Trader Joe's, and some of the riders.

Above, I bumped into quondam Hill Slug Joe, who may come back and do a ride again. Below, back at the West Windsor Firehouse, where we started.

Laura and I added miles, so it was almost 40 for the day (into a strong headwind for the last of it; I can't get over my  apprehension that Laura ordered it especially for my confusion).

I'd love to do this again next year. Anna hasn't settled on a date, but I added my email to her list, and I might even remember to check the Facebook page next fall. It's not a demanding day, but it was way fun.

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