Sunday, November 13, 2016

in which I call b.s. on glenn beck

Glenn Beck has an article in the New York Times in which he advises, Don't Move To Canada. Talk To The Other Side.

From the article:  

 Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton have offered wise counsel: Give him a chance. The country needs him to succeed and represent all Americans. I can make an argument that Mr. Trump — who has been liberal for much of his life and has supported Planned Parenthood — holds views that resonate with liberals, including restricting trade and spending $1 trillion on infrastructure. The left and the right may find they have some common ground.

No, Mr. Beck.


If you had said this when Obama was elected, you would have some credibility. But to say it now, when a man who supports almost everything you do, who will nominate a justice to the Supreme Court who will make you dance with joy, has been given the Presidency, makes it as empty as empty rhetoric gets.

As for me, I will offer Mr. Trump exactly that level of support that Mitch McConnell has offered Mr. Obama. And I will write my senators monthly to do the same.

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