Friday, November 25, 2016

more thoughtfulness and gratitude, including a ride

So we were at the Excellent In-Laws for the holiday yesterday, and we avoided the topic of politics completely, and got along fine. And I'm actually DOWN a half-pound from yesterday. Don't tell The Excellent Wife (TEW).

While I was stuck in the toilet at the Excellent In-Laws, I saw an email that was forwarded about a ride that John K was leading today from the Hopewell Elementary School. I didn't know where that was (now, THAT's unprecedented), and emailed back for an address. One of my sometime co-riders pointed out that there IS such a thing as Google... but, on my dumbphone, that's so slow that asking for a favor, no matter how embarrassing, is less tedious than looking for the answer myself. At home, I always have at least one computer open (sometimes I have as many as four), so I don't need a useful smartphone. And then there's the fact that I'm so cheap...

John, Laura OLPH, Robert N, and I did this ride today. I was way early, and wasn't quite sure I was in the right place, but the sky was dramatic.

About a half-hour after I got there, John drove up, and then Laura and Robert rode in.

This crew is forgiving about picture stops. I don't remember where this was.

It was a social, chatty ride. I pushed the pace a bit, and then remembered myself and behaved better.

In Lambertville, just above Rojo's:

Didja see the one in the window? I hope that's true. I guess we'll see.

At Rojo's, we ran into Paul with his daughter (who had the presence of mind to introduce herself when Paul neglected to do so). We were all impressed and talking about Paul's poetry.

Also there was this young lady, with the great look. She came out and got me talking about bikes, and I had to be dragged away, as usual.

She's working in a bike shop in Philly, and she gives me hope for the future.

From there, we went to see Michael at Wheelfine. Apparently, he's got a deal going: if you buy a bike, you get a free cap. I'm not sure it would be a persuasive argument. His place is a happy chaos, though, and Robert had never seen it, so they went on the tour while I drooled on the bikes out front.

Then back to Hopewell. As I was driving back, I stopped in at the Main St Cafe in Kingston; by the time you read this, they may have already closed for good. I hope whatever replaces the Cafe will be half the institution they were.

After I got home, I discovered that the Knog taillight, that I was upsold on years ago at Halter's and that I've never really liked, had died (yaaaay!). So I'm sort-of in the market for a taillight.

There are worse things.

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