Sunday, December 18, 2016

out of sorts

I've been on-call this weekend, which means I have to carry the cell phone and I've had to do about five hours worth of work since Friday night (it could be worse; until recently, I couldn't be more than 30 minutes from a computer). Between that and the idle time in the recliner with my feet up, I've been engaging in junk-food-like bouts of self-pity, doing online shopping and ruminating on my misfortunes and the essential unfairness of the universe (Camus called it "benign indifference"; I must be crankier than he was).

Luckily for my wallet, it's about a week to Christmas and so it's unwise to buy myself anything, as experience has shown that some things that I would get for myself have a tendency to show up, unbidden, wrapped in paper and good wishes. (I've been hinting after neckties; do you suppose any will appear?). I've cast the critical eye on the Krakow Monster; there's something about the look of it I do not love, but it might be just that the fenders need cleaning and adjustment. I've also been carrying on a flirtation with the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HPG, which is part pump and part jewelry. Joe M has one on his new(ish) Soma San Marcos. It's much prettier (although no more functional) than the Topeak Road Morph clipped onto the Monster.

I WAS able to do a repair to the trunk latch on the Prius after some internet research, so I'm feeling a bit less totally incompetent than I was last week after completely failing to get down a flight of stairs safely, a task I had been negotiating successfully for five and a half decades prior to that. But I also notice I've been unnecessarily cranky. Or maybe I'm simply over-examining my behavior and motives, due to idleness and boredom.

I think I just need to go back to work. Could it be Monday, soon, please?

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