Sunday, December 25, 2016

un-christmas post, and rule 5

I haven't anything useful to post about Christmas that I haven't already (except that we went to Wigilia at The Excellent Mother-in-Law's last night, and The Excellent Wife [TEW] and I agree that all of her family is crazy to one degree or another, but there's some hope for the younger ones). I'm on-call again, and actually had to do some work. As I so frequently say in my emails, "Hrmph."

There's been a flurry of emails about a ride for tomorrow. Tom included this text in one of his emails:
Jim. I know you may not be able to ride yet because of the injured foot but I would invoke rule 5 because this video proves you don't need two good legs to be able to ride. BTW where can I get one of those pirogi Christmas shirts I know a few people who might actually want one. 

The video link is this:

After having been out too late, and upright on the affected foot too long, I was wishing it were amputated last night, it hurt that bad; but no such luck. I also can't reliably clip out of the pedal, which might lead to either aggravating the current injury, or having a matching one on the right. I don't want to risk that... but, OTOH, it WOULD lead to a spirited Rule 5 discussion. Maybe.

On the OTHER other hand, I remembered posting this pic four years ago:

Yeah, I'm not doing that, either.

As for the ugly pierogi shirt, it is, apparently, available in any number of formats. Tell 'em Plain Dzimu sent ya.

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