Wednesday, December 20, 2017

bike is wounded; healing to come

On that last ride, the Yellow Maserati fell over, and did something damaging to the right shifter; the brake lever disengaged. I fixed it enough to get home, bu it hasn't been right. I was examining it today, and the plastic housing that holds the fulcrum pin for the brake lever just came apart in two pieces.

The pictures show the broken plastic pieces, the lever-shifter assembly, and the fulcrum pin. Boo-hoo.

Now, this is the set from those great Gevenalle shifters that I just love. They have a rebuild service for under $40. But wait...

I know from my researches that they are just rebuilding existing parts, and that sure looks to me like a Tektro lever. Well, there's a Tektro 520 that might fill the bill... and an examination of the lever assembly shows the number 520 molded into the inside of the lever. Hmm.

A SET (both sides) of the Tektro 520 levers is only about $27 online. And they're available from one of the online shops where I do a lot of business. I can just buy a new lever, pop out the fulcrum pin, replace the lever, and mount and go. Even expecting some problems, it should only be a couple hours work.

And working on the bike for a couple hours? Now THERE's a crisis.

The order's already in. The worst part will be waiting for the shipping at this time of year.

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