Sunday, June 24, 2018

coulda done more

Freewheeler Brad set up a ride for yesterday that sure sounded like it wanted to be a Hill Slugs ride; he was looking for a social B pace in the hills, and he had a new coffee place in Pittstown he either wanted to try out or show off. It caught Laura OLPH's attention, and she sent out an email to The Usual Suspects saying that we should plan to go on Brad's ride, or, if weather intervened, she would plan a similar ride for today.

Weather DID intervene, and Brad cancelled (which I why I was able to waste yesterday at the rowing challenge). Laura's ride was planning to be 54 miles with a gazillion feet of climb... but I got an email from Tom H that he was planning on shortening the ride and reducing the climb. Well, altruism demanded that I couldn't let him ride back alone, almost as quickly as good sense poinited out that I haven't done well on rides over 50 miles this year (especially with climbing), and by the time my inner voices had finished shouting at one another, I had resolved to go back with Tom from the stop.

There were nine to start. NINE? Two Peter's, Ricky, Jack, Andrew, Brad... and Tom, Laura, and me.

On the way:

Laura was taken with this barn that had a bad case of what I've been taught to call Adirondack sag:

Tom's route tracked Laura's up to the stop, the Brew 362 in Pittstown (the only web presence I can find is their Yelp page). they don't have a lot and they are WAY under construction, but it's a pretty place and they seemed happy to see us (and that last always gets a recommendation from me, as there appear to be so few people who ARE happy to see us!).

There was another crew of bikers there when we got there.

They cleared out, and we moved in. The place is going to be pretty when the construction is done.

And, as noted, Tom and I came back by a fairly straight, and less hilly route than the others had planned. I wound up with 46 miles and about 2600' of climb after adjustment. I coulda done more... but I'm glad I didn't have to.

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