Saturday, June 23, 2018

rowing for the team

My coworker, Michelle, goes to at least one gym, and maybe several; regular crossfit isn't demanding enough for her so she goes to places that are more serious. Until a real local gym aficionado comes along, she'll do.

Weeks ago, she'd spoken about a rowing challenge from local gym Bodhi to support the Somerville Ambulance & Rescue Squad. I only found out yesterday that I didn't have a conflict, and offered to go, and Michelle was able to make space for me on her team.

The event was to take place on Division Street in Somerville, which has been closed to traffic and made into a pedestrian mall.

For the $25 charge, the organizers offered support and water (and some gimmes), and set up maybe a dozen rowing machines for the teams. We were to row the equivalent of 13 miles, a half-marathon; we had two hours to do it.

There was a crowd of people there, all of whom were way younger and far more fit than I.

And the young lady in the picture below was chief organizer and cheerleader. She has a flair for it.

The counters on the rowing machines are set so that as the difficulty is increased, the distance equivalent is farther, so we had the pointer set fairly high (although not at the maximum that Michelle usually uses!) Pardon the potato quality of this picture of the rest of my team at the start.

That's Lauren, another coworker, on the left in the blue jacket, then Mel, then coworker Michelle, then Julie on the right.

Gettin' down to work:

We took turns doing distances; most of the team was faster than I, but I did slightly longer distances than some. Michelle put in the most.

A better team picture at the end:

Yes, that's a cane on which I'm leaning. It's my excuse for my poor performance.

The organizers had made sure that refreshment would be available...

.... but I'm afraid, after hearing about this place from The Excellent Wife (TEW), that my attention was elsewhere:

...and soon I expect I'll be tuckin' into a pizza. Or two.

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