Sunday, March 20, 2011

cleaning up some stuff

Just some cleanup for the two people who know me and read this stuff:
  1. Tooth is fixed. This dentist, and his office in general, is very cool; I'll probably manage to go there frequently enough to save most of the teeth I've got left. I broke a tooth, and he fixed it with a composite filling that holds the tooth together, instead of the silver filling that apparently risks breaking the tooth up more.
  2. I've been up the Coppermine again; this time with an average time of about 18.5, including flirtin' with 35mph on the downhill. WOO-HOO! If I'm awake, I'm hoping to get out and do another Coppermine climb later this morning (it's about 2:20 am as I write this).
  3. I can do that because I've got an extra set of bike wheels in the attic. On the 50-mile ride about which I wrote in the last post, I broke a spoke; the wheel's in the shop. The replacement wheel is noticeably heavier, but way better than nothing. I haven't got a quote on the repair (which is tougher than it sounds; the spokes are bladed and dyed, so replacements are special-order); if I don't get a call by lunchtime Monday 3/21; I'll call the shop and start whining.
  4. Remember that pre-ride mnemonic, for which I hadn't got an item for the "I" in "WASABI"? I found it: Put on the ID bracelet. I've got a Road ID (at wife's request; she has one, too), and it's better on my wrist than on the handlebar where I store it.
  5. My legs are so tired. Why can't I sleep?

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