Sunday, April 20, 2014

chocolate bunny ride

Laura OLPH's already posted about yesterday's Chocolate Bunny Ride; I just wanted to add a few things: the route, of course (Laura changed a part of the traditional route that puts us on Amwell Road along a section with poor shoulders and lots of traffic; many thanks... and RideWithGps now lets me correct my elevations, so this one should be closer than past elevations), and the few pics I got before my camera batteries went out (I thought I loaded the ones I'd recharged...)

Aren't these excellent tights on Chris?

And wouldn't he be a lot of fun if he'd just loosen up a little?

And Ron, of course:

And one more thing. That anxiety problem has been moving in again; the previous day I had a particularly bad experience. Riding, in general, is good for managing it, and group rides with people I know and like are more effective than solo rides. This ride was particularly good for what I needed. I'd like to thank Laura for leading, and all of those who came along, but I'd particularly like to thank Eoghan B. He probably has no way of knowing, but the jokes and chatter with him in particular acted like a tonic. He left the ride to go straight home before I could tell him so yesterday, so I'm taking the opportunity to do so here.

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