Tuesday, April 8, 2014

d ride - changes

Hey, all. Due to a series of missed communications, I'm moving my D ride from 4/20 (did I know that was Easter?) to 4/13, and the time to 10:00 am. We'll start at Grove 5* of Johnson Park in Piscataway, and travel the canal tow path to Bound Brook and back.

So get out your wide-tired hybrids and mountain bikes for this easy trip of about 14 miles.Helmets required, of course.

This ride is co-sponsored by the Princeton Freewheelers and the New Brunswick Bike Exchange. No attitudes, lots of stops, nobody dropped, and I'll try to keep it down to three lectures: the obligatory safety lecture, my rant about mirrors, and a plug for the Bike Exchange.

*If you can't find parking at Grove 5, park at Grove 4 or the historic village and meet us at Grove 5.

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