Friday, May 16, 2014


As a number of riders do, I keep a floor pump in the car for pumping up bike tires when I get to rides, in case I haven't done so before I left the house.

At first one, then another of the tires on my battered Prius have developed slow leaks. Yesterday, they both needed refilling at the same time, so, since I was at work a little early (the doors don't open to staff until 7:30 am), I pulled out the floor pump and filled the car tires. It takes a lot of pumping: about 70-100 strokes per tire.

(Above: Not me. But it could be...)

As I noticed the looks from other early-arrivers in the parking lot, I realized I've developed a number of those weird habits that old guys get. When I was in high school, my associates and I would laugh about these guys, and hope out loud that WE'd never get like that.

(Sigh.) I guess it's time to have the tires plugged. As for the weird habits, there's probably no hope for that.

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