Wednesday, May 7, 2014

slow ride for 5/10

Edit 5/10/14, 7:50am: I'm goin'. Hope to see you there.

Edit 5/9/14, 5:30am: Weather is iffy; I'm planning to go unless it's pouring, but I'll try to keep updates on this page.

Here's the info for the ride for Saturday, May 10: I had hoped to do the canal towpath ride that we couldn't do last time because of the half-marathon... but usually-reliable sources say that the recent rains and flooding have left the towpath a bit of a mess.

So instead, let's do a road ride. Still less than 20 miles, still "D" pace (average less than 10 mph, no major hills). We'll start at Piscataway, Johnson Park, Grove 4 (that's the one across from the Cornelius Low house; you can find Grove 4 at this link)... UNLESS there's another competing event, in which case we'll meet at Grove 5. Freewheelers have my contact info in the list.

9:00 am start.

The usual stuff: bring/wear helmets, no attitudes, nobody dropped, lots of stops, and only two speeches (maybe three). This is a combined Princeton Freewheeler and New Brunswick Bike Exchange ride.

Watch this blog in case of weather; I'll post updates.

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