Sunday, May 4, 2014

new brunswick ciclovia

Today was the first of this season's New Brunswick Ciclovia events (others are planned for July 12 & October 12). A 3.4-mile route was blocked off from cars in the city, and the streets were opened for pedestrians, bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other modes of tranportation.

The New Brunswick Bike Exchange, my newest cause, had a booth for bike tune-ups and repair. We had thought we'd only do the basics, but all kinds of bikes, with all kinds of needs, appeared, from low tires and dropped chains (easy fixes) to brakes and derailleurs needing adjustment, to a bottom bracket that was beyond our power to fix with the tools we had; from simple requests for advice to size adjustments. I was one of the "wrenches" on hand, and I had a great time. We were surrounded by families and kids, and by students from Rutgers. Many of them ride away in better repair than they rode in, and most of 'em were happy with the service they got.

I'm DEFINITELY planning to be at the next two. Y'wanna come?

Pics. Here's Alex & Aimee at setup:

Below, early volunteers, with more earnestness than direction:

Below, the wrenching station. Note the excellent use of graphics on the ground:

... and the safety station next door. We gave away DOZENS of helmets.

Some of the customers, below:

Below, the fellow at the information table, looking on with some concern, is Julio, our boss at PRAB (the parent organization of the Bike Exchange):

Below, fellow volunteer Mike B fills a tire:

Looks like a happy customer.

All kinds of people came!

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