Sunday, August 17, 2014

mung in the doin's

Laura OLPH had an early-morning responsibility today, so she couldn't do a ride at the usual times, and there wasn't anything that interested some of us in the book for today, So Laura asked about a ride starting at about 10:30. By that time the rain had (mostly) passed, but still, only Joe M and I showed up.

We did this route.  Laura had emailed me the route to put in Mr. Garmin, my sometimes-reliable GPS. We wanted to do a flat route at a moderate pace, but the pace crept up a bit (my fault, I'm afraid).

We stopped at the excellent Bruno's Bikes & Chocolate (what a great idea! If they sold computer parts, I'd never leave). Just before that, Laura had been unable to shift down to her smaller chainring; we played with the derailleur, but couldn't get it to work reliably. Since we were right there, we gave her bike Kermit to Mr Bruno, who lubed up the derailleur, then blew out a quantity of dirt from the moving parts. "Hrmph," I said, "Too much mung in the doin's," which Laura thought was just too picturesque.

Well, we aim to please.

Then back into a headwind. On the way back that front derailleur began to act up again, so I gave Laura some ideas on how to clear it out. She may find herself wrenching one day, willy-nilly.

At the start:

Joe's bike is a Bridgestone RB-1, the ancestor of the current Rivendell bikes:

I'm completely unreliable at these over-the-shoulder shots.

The excellent Jim Bruno, among his impedimenta.

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