Sunday, August 3, 2014

post event ride

Paul I invited me twice to his hilly ride today, but I demurred after several hours on my feet volunteering at the Event yesterday, and I think it's a good thing I did. When I got my act together, I went out on my own and did this ride; about 30 miles (the GPS didn't kick in for the first few) and about 1200-1300 feet of climb, and it was all I could do to keep an average of 16mph. On a short ride like this, that's not great; I'm sure I would have been dragging back Paul and the crew. I'm blaming the humidity (I was gasping for breath on the hills) and tired legs from standing yesterday, but it was probably just a bad day.

I lost the route a bit at College Ave near Rte 1, but got back on it, and when I get it together, I'll have a not-too-treacherous route that goes 30 miles from home and doesn't wind up in the dodgy areas of New Brunswick (this whole business is a lot easier for folks who aren't as geographically-challenged as I am).

In other news, part of Canal Road and part of Blackwells Mills are closed, but the Weston Canal crossing is reported to be open.

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