Saturday, August 30, 2014

all my parts...

On Tuesday, I was stricken with back pain. I've had occasional back pain over the last thirty years, but this one was unusual: it started when I was sitting in my chair at work, and, after several days, it hasn't yet completely passed (although it's much improved).

I couldn't reach the lower shelf of the dishwasher. Putting on pant and socks required strategy. I've been walking with a cane (I have a small collection of them), which has generated some interest and sympathy (and I'm a sucker for both; I may decide to carry the cane occasionally. Ahem).

I can't get ONTO the bike, but if I could, I know that what would really improve things is a brisk metric century. By next week, I'm hoping to be able to do that (but by that time, I won't need it so much!).

As I so frequently say, all my parts are as old as I am.

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